Recently, major types of earth resources like metallic, non-metallic, water and soil energy and their impacts on the environment have become crictical issues of worldwide interest. Particularly, mining technology and its rapid progression have been playing a pivotal role in the development of each country. In this context, the 2020 international conference on Innovations for Sustainable and Responsible Mining (ISRM 2020) will be held at Hanoi University of Mining and Geology (HUMG), a leading educational institution with almost 55-year experience of higher education, training and scientific research in the field of Mining in October 2020. In addition, the ISRM 2020 is also a special event to mark and celebrate the 55th anniversary of Department of Mining Surface, HUMG in 2020.


The ISRM 2020 hopes to provide an interesting platform for researchers, academics, practitioners, policy makers and post-graduate students, to share knowledge, exchange ideas, present research results on Mining and Earth Sciences and establish academic relationships.

Futhermore, the ISRM 2020 is expected to be a good opportunity for all the participants to explore our beautiful country, Vietnam with such famous tourist destinations as Ha Long Bay, Sapa, and Trang An. You will definitely have a great time with our picturesque country, hospitable people and favorable weather here.

We welcome your full papers on the coresponding related issues and your participation at the ISRM 2020 may be under individual paper presentations, round table discussions, and posters. Your accepted research papers will be published in the Springer Book or in the Conference Proceedings by Publishing House for Science and Technology (Vietnam). Besides, all the papers will be indexed in Scopus database.

We look forward to meeting you all at the ISRM 2020, HUMG, in Hanoi, Vietnam in October 2020.

Rector of HUMG (Chairman)

TU Bergakademie Freiberg (Co-chairman)

Prof. Tran Thanh Hai

Prof. Carsten Drebenstedt