Prof. Carsten Drebenstedt

TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany

Prof. Carsten Drebenstedt has been professor of TU Bergakademie Freiberg, Germany since 1999, and the former Vice Rector for research and Dean here. He is a renowned researcher in the field of surface mining, environmental protection and sustainable development. The scope of his research activities encompasses a wide range of issues associated with engineering of mining and haulage equipment assemblies, rational nature management and environmental protection, rehabilitation and reclamation of disturbed lands, computer-aided modeling and mine planning. He is the author of 442 publications, including 17 monographs and textbooks, 56 conference organizer, 11 patents. He is also the Professor of Honor and Doctor of Honor at 9 foreign universities.

Prof. Bui Xuan Nam

Hanoi University of Mining and Geology, Vietnam

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Xuan-Nam Bui made his PhD at TU Bergakademie Freiberg in 2005 after studying at Hanoi University  of Mining and Geology, Vietnam. Today he is professor of Surface Mining Department and Vice Rector at Hanoi University of Mining and Geology. His fields of interest are mining technology and technique, mining environmental protection and sustainable development, occupational health and safety in mining industry and applied informatics in mining. Professor Xuan-Nam Bui is member of the Society of Mining Professors, different mining associations in Vietnam and of editorial board of some international journals.

Prof. Changwoo Lee

Dong A University, Korea

Prof. Changwoo Lee received his Master’s & Doctorate degrees at Pennsylvania State University, USA (1981-1986) after got Bachelor’s degree at Seoul National University, Korea.  He, currently professor at Dong-A University, Korea, served as dean of the engineering college and also the graduate school of industry and information. He has held various positions such as Chairman of the Korea Energy and Mineral Resources Engineering Education Program, member of Presidential Committee on National Energy and Ministry Mine Safety Committee.  His research areas include mine safety, mine environmental control, development of ICT-based mine air monitoring system and education of energy and mineral resources engineers.

Prof. Toshifuma Igarashi

Hokkaido University, Japan

Professor Toshifuma Igarashi is Dean of Faculty of Engineering, His field of interest are Underground environment, Water quality, Earth system, Civil engineering, Geotechnical engineering, Civil and environmental engineering. Professor Toshifuma Igarashi is member of Japan Society On Water Environment, Japan Society Of Material Cycles And Waste Management, The Mining and Materials Processing Institute of Japan, Atomic Energy Society of Japan, Japanese Association of Groundwater Hydrology , Japan Socoety of Civil Engineering, The Japanese Geotechnical Society, Hokkaido Association for the Preservation of the Environmenta through Technology, Japan Society of Waste Management Experts, and Japan Society of Engineering Geology